Each grain we grow contains our special story.
This story creates a unique flavour and quality.

Our story goes back a long way. It’s a story about dedication, perseverance and self-sacrifice. About cursing the heat and dancing in the rain. Family and friends come first - working together to build a community.

Mostly, it’s a story about finishing the working day knowing that everything was done to grow the best products for our customers.

It's our history, culture and tradition that gives our customers the best relationship with Woodlands Hill.

The current management team are the 4th generation to oversee Woodlands Hill and are proud to continue this tradition to produce premium quality grain products for export.

Woodlands Hill is a private, family-owned farming enterprise located on the Sunset Plains™ in the Mid North of South Australia.

Backed by over 100 years of farming experience, we specialise in the production and supply of the Sunset Plains™ range of products for export.

Meet Trevor and Lynette. Of any generation, theirs has experienced some of the most rapid advances in production technology. They started with horse and plough; and will finish their careers in tractors that are automatically driven by satellites in space.

Our names are Bartyn and Dianne. We are the current managers at Woodlands Hill.

We embrace the history of Woodlands Hill and its story. At the same time we are busy adding our own story. This will be a story about sustaining and preserving the welfare of the land that produces our wonderful products. It will be a story about caring for the environment and continuous improvement of our production techniques.

Become an export supply-partner customer with us and be part of the new Woodlands Hill story.

We look forward to meeting you.

Gwen & Joseph
Gwen & Joseph
Trevor & Lynette
Trevor & Lynette
Bartyn, Dianne, Harry & Charli
Bartyn, Dianne, Harry & Charli

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